The Chemistea Reaction

Chasing the Stars

Every now and then we scout for new places where we can unwind and hangout with friends. But what makes a good tambayan? For this case study, let’s take a look at what’s brewing in this emerging milk tea café along Shorthorn Street in Quezon City and see why it is slowly becoming a trending subject of daily chitchats and tweets.


1. The beverage 

Chemistea offers quite a selection of delicious drinks like Asian specialty teas and coffee. You can choose to make your beverage hot or cold, regular or mild, with or without particles. You can even be a #ScienTEAst and create your own mixture!

(1) hot Matcha Espresso,
(2) Pineapple Mint and Cha Yen,
(3) Nai Cha, and
(4) Milo Dinosaur


2. The flask

This is probably the most unique experience you can get from Chemistea! Their unconventional use of Erlenmeyer flasks as drinking glasses is part of their cool…

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10 Pinoy Indie Films you should watch

Estudyante sa Septic Tank

Indie films fever will dominate again the vibes of the many who are very well inclined in watching and criticizing these kinds of films as the biggest indie film festival in the country known as Cinemalaya will open another season of shorts, new breed and directors showcase entries for the 10th time.

But before you commit yourself to a 10-day relationship watching Cinemalaya, make sure you have watched the films listed below.

To those who are not into indie films or just starting to like the genre, try watching these films and I assure you that you’ll love indie films ever much and more, and start to hate nonsense romantic-comedy or comedic films out there that are producer-driven and income-oriented.

(The list is either in particular or not in particular order)

1. Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There)

Category: Drama, Romance

The plot I know: This is a story of a…

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55 Things I’ve Learned From College…So Far

Thought Catalog


1. Not everyone is going to be your best friend.

2. Avoid gossiping with these ^^ people.

3. There is no limit to whom you can be friends/friendly with.

4. Because of this you will find yourself being close with a lot of different “groups.”

5. Remember, not everyone has your best interest at heart.

6. Not everyone cares if you’re happy…or miserable for that matter.

7. People will burn you; it’s all about how you handle the metaphorical “application of aloe” afterwards.

8. People change; that person you knew freshman year has changed and gone through things, just like you have.

9. Embrace freshman year, be annoying, be loud, and make friends.

10. Put. Yourself. Out. There.

11. When you get hungry in the “wee” hours of the morning, order the pizza.

12. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e has that crazy roommate.

13. Own it. Whatever it is that makes you you…

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