Bold The Truth

  • You’re currently confused about someone’s feelings for you.
  • You own an iPod of some sort.
  • You do not like your sibling’s girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • You drink too much alcohol.
  • You have been to the Olive Garden.
  • You have taken medicine of some sort this week.
  • It is really cold in your house right now.
  • You are extremely dependent on others.
  • You do not like to express your feelings in front of others.
  • You ate a lot of food today.
  • It doesn’t take much for you to cry.
  • People consider you a sappy sort of person.
  • Someone in your family is rich.
  • You have been to Disney World or Disneyland before.
  • You hate when people constantly talk about themselves.
  • You are a good listener, but you hate complainers.
  • Someone has called you for a serious medical emergency before.
  • You have had a serious surgery.
  • Your house has a spare bedroom.
  • Your house is old.
  • You have at least one cousin under the age of three.
  • You have never held a baby before.
  • You can’t handle toddlers.
  • You have a painting in your room.
  • You have been to Canada.
  • You have been to Mexico.
  • You love cherry flavoured lollipops.
  • You celebrate Easter.
  • You observe Lent.
  • You are Catholic.
  • Religion is not important to you.
  • You want to have a BIG family one day.
  • You would rather have more sons than daughters.
  • You have more aunts than uncles.
  • You hate being too cold.
  • You currently are way more tan than everyone else.
  • You wear shoes in your house.
  • Your parents are clean freaks.
  • You are more messy than clean.
  • You are currently angry at someone.
  • Patience is so not a virtue to you.
  • Your desk is extremely clean.
  • Your bed sheets are either blue, green, black, or white.
  • When you hear ‘black & white’ it reminds you of Katy Perry’s ‘hot n cold’ song.
  • You have no clue what that song is.
  • You think rap artists are completely pathetic.
  • Politics are boring to you.
  • You take a vitamin daily.
  • You feel like you are sick often.
  • You hate throwing up.
  • You think it’s gross when people set food down on their desk at school with no napkin.
  • You also find it gross that people sit on top of desks.
  • You are now cringing at the thought of someone’s food where someone’s ass was.
  • You love getting bubble baths.
  • You do not like chocolate at all.
  • You are allergic to nuts.
  • You have been stung by a bee before.
  • You have been to the emergency room before for something.
  • One of your parents is 50 or older.
  • You hate broccoli.
  • You go on tumblr too much. *I actually got this from tumblr, so yeah.*
  • You are really comfortable right now.
  • You like witty t-shirts.
  • You have been on an airplane before.
  • You are not afraid of heights.
  • You consider yourself paranoid.
  • You have had a panic attack before.
  • The thought of being old and alone bothers you.
  • You would choose the elderly over children.
  • You feel like you’re living in the wrong decade.
  • You have smoked weed before.
  • You think it’s way too cold outside right now.
  • You love the thought of sleeping in tomorrow morning.
  • You would rather go to bed early and get up early.
  • You feel like the early bird catches the worm.
  • You are a big breakfast eater.
  • You are currently suffering from the common cold.
  • You are craving something salty.
  • You have been in a car today.
  • There is something plugged in near you.
  • You have heard of the TV show ‘Private Practice.’
  • You do not like medical television shows.
  • You prefer horror to comedies.
  • You adore Leo & Kate.
  • You think high-waisted pants look good
  • You hate cheesy movies.
  • You enjoy camping out.
  • Bugs don’t bother you.
  • You do well in school without trying.
  • You are extremely jealous of someone currently.
  • You feel like you have changed a lot from 08-09.
  • You like energy drinks.
  • You like italics.
  • You know the entire script of Mean Girls

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