Not “Just A Waitress:” The Most Important Things You Learn From The Food Industry

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It was season 2 and Episode 8 where it was revealed that Ross and Rachel were finally going to be together.  If you are a product of today’s modern world, you know exactly what couple I am talking about and just how relieving and exciting this news was.  If America’s sweethearts from the beloved show Friends  were not meant to be together, then who in the hell was?  There was only one obstacle in the way of the most perfect romance ever.  Her name was Julie and she was Ross’s current (but completely irrelevant) girlfriend.

How was Ross to decide between Julie and the girl who had his heart as long as he could remember?  Leave it to his best buds, Joey & Chandler, to suggest a Pros & Cons list of the two.  *Note to any guy reading this: In your head = not a bad idea. On any kind of physical…

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