The Chemistea Reaction

Chasing the Stars

Every now and then we scout for new places where we can unwind and hangout with friends. But what makes a good tambayan? For this case study, let’s take a look at what’s brewing in this emerging milk tea café along Shorthorn Street in Quezon City and see why it is slowly becoming a trending subject of daily chitchats and tweets.


1. The beverage 

Chemistea offers quite a selection of delicious drinks like Asian specialty teas and coffee. You can choose to make your beverage hot or cold, regular or mild, with or without particles. You can even be a #ScienTEAst and create your own mixture!

(1) hot Matcha Espresso,
(2) Pineapple Mint and Cha Yen,
(3) Nai Cha, and
(4) Milo Dinosaur


2. The flask

This is probably the most unique experience you can get from Chemistea! Their unconventional use of Erlenmeyer flasks as drinking glasses is part of their cool…

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