When in Binondo

When in Binondo


23 Things Most People Dislike, Which Successful People Embrace

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Nick KeppolNick Keppol

In its most basic form success is a feeling of happiness on your quest towards achieving your goals and a track record of goals accomplished. I am lucky to know a variety of friends and lovers who have found their own versions of success. Some are multi-millionaires, others incredible artists that have affected a huge number of people and the rest are simply really amazing individuals that are making the world a much better place. Here are 23 things I’ve noticed that almost all of them embrace in different ways and of course, to varying degrees. Challenge yourself to embrace this list and return to it as your tool kit as you work towards your own perfect version of success.

1. Delusion. They allow a healthy dose of delusion to inhabit their reality. No matter how crazy their goals seem they allow themselves to have them. They know…

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18 Unexpected Perks Of Being The Middle Child

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There are thousands of essays and studies done on “Middle Child Syndrome” and the stereotype of the neglected second-born. I was born five years after my older sister, who served as the family’s only golden child during that half a decade before my birth. Nine months after I was born, my mother became pregnant with my second sister. I hadn’t even begun talking before my younger sister stole my spotlight. That being said, I wouldn’t trade my birth order for anything in the world. I don’t have a “syndrome” or a complex, and I’m not “stuck” in the middle. I have two best friends who have no choice but to kiss my cheeks in cheesy family pictures.

1. Middle children are normally in the middle of photographs and the fireplace mantle. Overlooked and neglected? More like front, center, and distinguished.

2. 52% of presidents are middle-borns. The thought of…

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2014 Must-See Destinations in the Philippines


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Year 2013 has given us a wonderful chance to travel and explore some of the best off-the-beaten destinations Philippines has to offer.  It taught us how to  survive, adapt to certain norms and local traditions, take part in preserving and protecting the environment, and most especially how to  enjoy spontaneity under limited budget.

This year, I want to take you with me and be part of my awesome expeditions as I start to climb ancient and rocky mountains; dive and discover vast marine life under crystal-clear waters; be stranded on tropical and remote islands; learn to eat some local delicacies and peculiar dishes; and meet new friends.

Let us welcome 2014 with a bang and start with Nukipedia’s top 10 must-see places.

1. Batanes

An Eden explored by few, Batanes remains to be one of the most…

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